Sodium Metabisulfite
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Application and Characteristics of CoS High Efficiency Desulfurization Catalyst

Issuing time:2018-11-13 15:42

CoS desulfurization catalyst can be widely used in gas wet oxidation desulfurization of semi-water gas, shift gas, coke oven gas and city gas. The product is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-polluting. Under normal temperature, normal pressure or pressure, it can maintain stable desulfurization efficiency regardless of ammonia water or soda as absorbent. It does not need auxiliary catalyst in use. The pre-activation process is simple, the time is short, the removal rate of hydrogen sulfide can reach more than 99%, the removal rate of organic desulfurization can reach more than 60%, the removal rate of hydrogen cyanide can reach 98%, and the product has high activity. Long life, strong anti-oxidative hydrogen poisoning ability, can dissolve deposited sulfur and adhering sulfur in the desulfurization unit system, so it has cleaning effect on the system equipment; high sulfur capacity, good regeneration, large suspended sulfur particles, conducive to separation, non-blocking tower, high purity of sulfur removed, non-corrosive equipment, no accumulation in the desulfurization unit, no waste liquid treatment problem, no pollution to the environment, When used, the system resistance can be reduced, the energy consumption can be reduced, the maintenance period of the equipment can be prolonged, and the desulfurization cost can be obviously reduced. The process of using this product is simple, does not change the original process, does not add equipment, and is convenient to replace the old desulfurizer.

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