Sodium Metabisulfite
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Sodium thiosulfate

Sodium thiosulfate


Name: Sodium thiosulfate
Name: Sodium thiosulfate, baking soda, Haibo
Chemical formula: Na2S2O3
Molecular weight: 158.11
Physicochemical properties: Colorless transparent crystal, soluble in water, water solution is weak alkaline. The crystalline water is lost due to weathering in the dry air above 33 C. It is relatively stable in neutral and alkaline solutions and decomposes rapidly in acidic solutions. It has strong complexing ability and can form complex with silver bromide. According to this property, it can be used as fixing agent. During phase washing, excessive soda reacts with silver bromide in the non-photosensitive part of the film and converts into soluble Na3 [Ag (S2O 3) 2], removing AgBr and fixing the developing part. It has strong reducibility and can reduce chlorine and other substances.
Usage: Used as fixative in photography industry. It is also used as reducing agent in chemical industry, dechlorinating agent after bleaching cotton fabric, sulfur dyeing agent for wool fabric, whitening agent for indigo dye, dechlorinating agent for pulp, detergent, disinfectant and fading agent in pharmaceutical industry. Packaging: Double-layer laminated woven bag, plastic inner bag, 25 kg/bag.
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