Sodium Metabisulfite
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Sodium bisulfite

Sodium bisulfite


Name: Sodium bisulfite
Alias:Sodium hydrogen sulfite
English name:Sodium Bisulfite
Molecular formula:NaHSO3
Molecular weight:104.06
Properties:It is white oblique crystal powder with the odor of sulfur dioxide. Density: 1.49; Dissolving in water, slight dissolving in alcohol; It decomposes in heating and has well reducibility; It is easy to be oxidized in the air or lose sulfur dioxide. It always contains sodium metabisulfite of various scales.

Quality standard: HG/T 3814-2006
Uses: It is used for bleaching cotton fabric, reducing agent in dyestuff, paper making, leather making, chemical synthesis and other industries. It is used for producing pharmaceutical intermediates, photographic developer, food bleaching agent, preservative, antioxidant and other industries. Packaging: polypropylene woven bags for external use, polyethylene plastic bags for internal lining, paper-plastic composite bags, kraft paper bags, etc. Net weight: 25, 50, 1000 kg/bag or customized according to customer requirements.
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