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CoS High efficient desulfurization catalyst

CoS High efficient desulfurization catalyst


Name: CoS High efficient desulfurization catalyst
I. Overview:
In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, we have made great progress in the field of desulfurization. The upgrading of desulfurizers is very fast. CoS series of new high-efficiency desulfurization catalyst is a new high-tech achievement developed by our company to meet the current market demand. Its technical performance has reached the international advanced level. On the basis of investigating the desulfurizer market extensively, our company analyzed in detail the advantages and disadvantages of various desulfurizers at home and abroa
d at present, and consulted users extensively. According to the actual use situation of various factories and the change of sulfur content in gas, our company continuously improved the product formulation and application technology, and synthetically developed a new type of CoS high-efficiency desulfurization catalyst, which has the prominent advantages of low consumption and low cost. This is the case. CoS high efficiency desulfurization catalyst is a kind of double-control metal phthalocyanine cobalt compound. It is a super-high activity desulfurization catalyst. It is mainly used for liquid phase catalytic oxidation desulfurization and cyanide removal. Its desulfurization efficiency is over 99%, cyanide removal efficiency is over 98%, and more than 60% organic sulfur can be removed at the same time. CoS high efficiency desulfurization catalyst is a new generation desulfurization catalyst developed by further improving the active component and optimizing the production process. Compared with the original catalyst, it has the advantages of simple operation, high desulfurization efficiency, high sulfur capacity, good selectivity, clear regeneration solution, no blocking tower, easy separation of sulfur, low consumption and low cost. It is the first choice for desulfurization in chemical fertilizer and coking enterprises. Catalyzer.
2. Physicochemical properties:
Appearance: Blue-grey powder density: <0.96g/cubic centimeter
Main Component: > 92%
Water insoluble substance: <3.0% has good solubility in water or alkaline solution.
It is sky blue in soda water and light green in ammonia water. It is not decomposed in acid-base medium and has good chemical stability.
The catalyst itself is non-corrosive and harmless.
3. Use and characteristics:
CoS desulfurization catalyst can be widely used in gas wet oxidation desulfurization of semi-water gas, shift gas, coke oven gas and city gas. The product is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-polluting. Under normal temperature, normal pressure or pressure, it can maintain stable desulfurization efficiency whether using ammonia water or soda as absorbent. No auxiliary catalyst is needed in use. The pre-activation process is simple, the time is short, the removal rate of hydrogen sulfide can reach more than 99%, the removal rate of organic sulfur can reach more than 60%, the removal rate of hydrogen cyanide can reach 98%, and the product has high activity. Long life, strong anti-hydrogen cyanide poisoning ability, can dissolve deposited sulfur and adhering sulfur in the system of desulfurization unit, so it can clean the system equipment; high sulfur capacity, good regeneration, large suspended sulfur particles, conducive to separation, non-blocking tower, high purity of sulfur removed, non-corrosive equipment, no accumulation in the desulfurization unit, no waste liquid treatment problem, no pollution to the environment, When used, the system resistance can be reduced, the energy consumption can be reduced, the maintenance period of the equipment can be prolonged, and the desulfurization cost can be obviously reduced. The process of using this product is simple, does not change the original process, does not add equipment, and is convenient to replace the old desulfurizer.
4. Usage
In liquid phase catalytic desulfurization unit, the use method of desulfurization of sulphur-containing gas is as follows:
1. Preparations
Solution bucket with discharge pipe and valve is prepared. The capacity of bucket is 50-150 liters. After adding fresh water, ammonia water, alkali liquid or desulfurization liquid, the amount of catalyst input can be calculated according to the desulfurization quantity of the plant. The initial amount of catalyst input is about 20-30 PPM. After adding the catalyst, the catalyst is dissolved by air blowing or wood stick stirring several times, and then activated for 4 hours, stirring once every hour during the period to ensure full activation. It should be noted that if the activated liquid is white, it can not be used; if the green liquid or dissolved water is a celestial blue solution, it can be used.
2. Input method
The activated catalyst solution will be slowly and evenly added to the liquid trap or liquid regulator. Do not add to the sulfur layer to prevent loss of the catalyst and the effective components of the catalyst. After the activated catalyst solution enters the system, a large amount of foam sulfur will appear in 3 hours, and the sulfur removal of the foam will be strengthened. After 1-2 days, the desulfurization will return to normal.
With the removal of deposited sulfur and adhering sulfur, the suspended sulfur may be higher in the solution. Sometimes H2S fluctuates slightly after desulfurization, which can increase the air volume. With the prolongation of operation time, the removal of sulfur foam in the system gradually turns to normal.
3. Continuation method
The composition of desulfurization liquid and the amount of catalyst supplement should be determined according to the working condition of the unit. The optimum amount of catalyst supplement should be found out. Generally, it takes about 0.5g CoS to remove 1kg H2S.
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