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Desulfurization and salt extraction

In 2008, our company invested 30 million yuan, set up a professional R&D team, and began to develop the project of desulfurization waste liquor salt extraction in coking plant. After several years of hard work, we succeeded in extracting valuable salts such as thiocyanate and sulphate from desulfurization waste liquor, so as to truly achieve the goal of "turning waste into treasure". This successful breakthrough thoroughly solved the long-standing environmental problems of coking enterprises, and formed its own unique advantages in product purity, equipment selection, operation mode and so on. Our company's desulfurization waste liquid salt extraction technology has realized the integration of digital equipment, new materials and new technology, and is in the leading domestic level. At present, it has helped many coking enterprises successfully implement desulfurization waste liquid salt extraction project, which has brought new opportunities for the development of coking enterprises.

Technological scheme

1. Device composition: conversion device, waste water decolorization device, vacuum evaporation device, ammonium sulfate crystallization device, ammonium thiocyanate crystallization device, filter device. 2. Overview of process flow (1) After conversion of high-complex salt desulfurization solution and conversion of ammonium thiosulfate to ammonium sulfate, the decolorization system was treated with high-activity decolorizer at 55-80 ~C. (2) The decolorizing solution is pumped into the concentration system and concentrated at reduced pressure in the concentration system. The evaporating steam is condensed into a clear liquid (salt content is less than 5g/L) and returned to the desulfurization system. (3) The concentrated liquid is fed into the adjusting crystallization system and ammonium sulfate is separated in the adjusting crystallization device. (4) The separating liquid is pumped into the crystallizing device, and ammonium thiocyanate is separated by cooling in the crystallizing device. The mother liquor is returned to the decolorizing device or the concentrating device for recycling.

3. Block diagram of process flow

Process Characteristics and Technical Advantages

The desulfurization waste liquid salt extraction process developed by Tangshan Sanjiang Chemical Company has the following characteristics:

(1) The process is simple, easy to operate, easy for workers to master and operate, and easy for production management. Save investment. (2) Products with high purity, good quality, good sales and quick return on investment. (3) Desulfurization waste liquor treatment application company's unique technology, ammonium thiosulfate into ammonium sulfate, nitrogen content is not less than 20.5%, the final product does not produce thiosulfate. (4) Thio-oxidation uses slow-release oxidant, which has no corrosion to equipment, simple operation and high safety factor. It avoids unpredictable hazards to equipment and workers caused by adding strong oxidant such as sulfuric acid, and avoids defects such as yellowing of products, so that products have absolute quality advantages in the market. (5) Use the unique process control technology to control the whole production process to ensure the long-term stability of product quality. (6) The company has its own chemical equipment plant, which can provide professional equipment support for desulfurization waste liquor salt extraction project to ensure the smooth progress of the project. (7) Based on our company's many years of production experience and many updates of plant production equipment and domestic success. Our engineers and technicians have accumulated a lot of experience in process design and equipment layout, fully taking into account all the details of the project, ensuring the stability and smoothness of the process. In addition, in the salt project, the selection of equipment type and material is accurate, and the selected equipment has a long service life and stable operation. The failure of equipment selection will not cause losses to Party A. (8) In view of various problems that may arise in the production process, we have the ability of analysis, prevention and treatment, so that each new project can share our rich experience and make up for the technical deficiencies of coking plant in desulfurization waste liquor salt extraction. (9) The whole set of equipment adopts efficient, energy-saving equipment and integrated automation technology, which greatly reduces labor intensity, reduces staffing and saves labor costs. (10) Integrating the concept of green environmental protection into salt extraction technology, the operation process of the whole salt extraction plant will not produce secondary pollution and achieve "zero" discharge. The site environment is clean and tidy, suitable for workers to work and produce. (11) The patented technology of riser waste heat recovery successfully developed by the company has now cooperated with coking enterprises to achieve industrial production. The steam produced by this technology can be used in desulfurization waste liquor salt extraction project, which can greatly reduce steam cost, improve profit margin and shorten the payback period of investment. (12) The company has its own R&D team and laboratory, and has invested special funds, and has strong independent R&D and design capabilities. The product development mechanism of promotion generation, R&D generation and storage generation has been formed.

Project performance

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