Sodium Metabisulfite
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Tangshan Sanjiang Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the northern section of Hope Road, Nanpu Development Zone, Tangshan City. It was founded in 2004. It is a high-tech company specializing in desulfurization waste liquor salt extraction engineering and research, production, marketing and technical services of chemical raw materials. The total assets of the company are RMB 50 million, covering 23 mu. There are 200 employees in the company. The company mainly produces and manages sodium pyrosulfite, desulfurization catalyst and ammonium thiocyanate and other chemical products. After several years of development, through tapping its own potential, continuously training and absorbing talents, the company's technical strength is increasingly strong, which ensures the enterprise's scientific and technological research and development ability and normal production, and achieves rapid, scientific and comprehensive development. Our company produces 30,000 tons of sodium pyrosulfite annually and has passed the certification of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, which has become the northern production base of sodium pyrosulfite; the output and sales of the desulfurization catalyst developed by the company are also increasing year by year, and now it can provide more than 100 tons of products to users every year; the company has independently developed and mastered the technology of extracting ammonium thiocyanate from the desulfurization waste liquor of the coking plant. Not only can it help coking plants design and construct desulfurization and salt extraction projects, but also build an annual production line of 3000 tons of ammonium thiocyanate, which has been put into production formally. The product quality is good, the purity is high, and the market demand exceeds supply. The company adheres to the business purpose of "customer first, honesty with people, continuous innovation and common development", and takes "perfect quality, perfect service" as the company concept, constantly creates opportunities for common development, and always welcomes friends from all walks of life! All staff of Tangshan Sanjiang Chemical Co., Ltd. are willing to cooperate sincerely with people of insight to seek new development of Sanjiang.

Our unit is willing to carry out extensive trade and cooperation with Chinese and foreign businessmen on the basis of mutual benefit. It will provide the best service for the vast number of businessmen and create a better tomorrow together.

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